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The snowy wonderland of Greenland is famous for its fjords, icebergs, and glaciers. The ethereal landscape of the country, especially in the regions of Ilulissat Icefjord and Disko Bay, makes it the dream destination of any photographer.

Disko Classics

Even if you aren’t a shutterbug, Greenland has got lots to offer. Whale watching is the most unmissable thing to do here, and tours usually start at towns like Qeqertarsuaq, Nuuk, and Aasiaat. If you are ready to be patient enough, you can also go for an Aurora Lights tour.

Best of the West

And if you have ever been curious about the Vikings, do not miss the National Museum, where you’ll get a peek at their hunting equipment, kayaks, carvings, and artifacts.

Northern Lights in Nuuk

$36.00 avg/night

Kapisillit - Settlement visit

$37.00 avg/night

Alpine East

$37.50 avg/night

Hounds of Snow

$41.00 avg/night

Fire & Ice

$45.00 avg/night


$45.50 avg/night

Disko Bay

$45.90 avg/night


$50.00 avg/night

East Greenland

$55.00 avg/night

South Greenland

$55.00 avg/night

Capital Region

$59.00 avg/night

Arctic Circle

$61.00 avg/night