Kenya Safari Trips
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Kenya Safari Trips

When it comes to wildlife tourism, Kenya is hard to beat. Animal lovers are bound to have the time of their lives here witnessing the presence of the majestic creatures, including lions, elephants, wildebeest, and rhinos, roaming around freely in their natural habitat.

East African safar

The safaris at Masai Mara amidst are one of the best experiences you can have. The savannah grasslands extend as far as the eye can see and are bordered by lofty, looming mountains. but actually interacting with these animals as well..

Heights Safari

Apart from the national parks, the Gede ruins, Fort Jesus Museum, and Koobi Fora Prehistoric Site also demand a visit.

6-Day Tsavo Walking Safari

€ 2,023 per traveller avg/night

7-Day Kenyan Beach & Bush Adventure

€ 3,259 pp (EUR) avg/night

15-Day Best of Kenya Tour

4.999 € to € 5,608 € pp (EUR) avg/night

6-Day Relax on the Beach in Kenya

707 € to 974 € pp (EUR) avg/night

4-Day Mount Kenya Climb

560 € pp (EUR) avg/night

9-Day Incredible Safari in Kenya

2,012 € to 2,398 € pp (EUR) avg/night

4-Day Masai Mara Game Drivei

1.092 € to 2,753 € pp (EUR) avg/night

10-Day Kenya 'Out of Africa' Safari

3,774 € to 4.285 € pp (EUR) avg/night

One Day Tour Corinth

$55.00 avg/night

3-Day One Park, Many Wilds -the Masai Mara

277 € pp (EUR) avg/night

4-Day Kenya Fly-in Masai Mara Safari

1.315 € to 1.657 € pp (EUR) avg/night

3-Day Masai Mara Safari in 4x4 Safari Jeep - Comfort

545 € to 658 € pp (EUR) avg/night