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Then we might just be for you

You’re a local company, taxed and registered in your home country or region. You know your patch like the back of your hand – every last bit of it. You are international in outlook, and you understand why travellers want to visit your country – and the different experiences which different types of clients want when they are there. You are incredibly well organised and you take huge pride in service standards. You take great happiness and pride from finding out that some people from the other side of the world came to your country, travelled with your company and had an incredible, once in a lifetime trip.

We are an online travel agency for local tour operators (LTOs) across the globe. We have customers from all over the world come to us trying to find something better – a more authentic trip, an insight into local life and a real connection with where they’re going. Our partner local tour operators love our amazing online technology platform. They use it to communicate directly with clients online and create a fantastic online itinerary (viewable on all devices), which enables them to respond to enquiries easily and quickly.

We choose our partners carefully, but once you’re in we will make it a partnership of friendship and trust with you. We charge no fees except for an agreed commission rate. We will help you to grow your business and connect more closely with the people you most want to talk to – customers.

If you think you fit what we want and you have some real spark and originality, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch directly with us and tell us more about what you do and how we can work together.

We are open to approaches from LTO’s seeking to partner with us in any country worldwide. Please complete this form to send us details about your company.

Are you:

  1. Sat at your desk wondering why you’re having to deal with big and boring international tour operators every day?
  2. Tired of being ground into the floor on price and compromising your creativity and originality?
  3. Wanting to tell the world about your incredible country, and to create amazing itineraries and experiences for clients?


Become a Partner

Being one of our Partners means you can count on an online network of Travel Consultants, who promote business everyday on the internet, and take care of client needs on a one-to-one basis in every step of the selling process.

The types of organisation that can become our partners are: Tourist Facilities, Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies (DMC) from all over the world, and Travel Agencies who wish to sell our products as Tour Operators.

In the world of tourism, it is vital that large quantities of data are managed and processed in real time. For this reason we favour structures who can supply their data via XML feeds. For structures who do not have this possibility, there is an online tool for inserting and updating data

Tourist Facilities

  1. Whether you are a Hotel, a Residence, a B&B or a converted farmhouse, or any other type of facility and you would like to be included in our Internet offers, write to us.
    We are not merely interested in adding your name to a list, but in building a packaged holiday around your structure with your help, adding every service our clients could be interested in, from excursions, to tickets to local attractions, and any other treatment that would make a stay in your facility more appealing.Click on the page “Contact us” and fill in our form, supplying information about your structure and the packages you would like to create.
    Thank you!

DMCs in the World

  1. We are looking for local DMCs in every corner of the planet, who can offer verified high level services to tourists, in various languages.
    We prefer high-tech DMCs with XML interchanges. Alternatively, DMCs who are willing; can use our technology and software for exchanging data, bookings, variations and cancellations in real time so that we can offer our clients the best possible service.
    Working with us means being reachable 24/7, including festivities, so that we can guarantee our clients the maximum assistance and safety.Click on the page “Contact us” and fill in our form, supplying information about your structure and the packages you would like to create.
    Thank you!

3 Eearning & Statistics

To apply for travel agency partnership, please follow the below instructions as you submit the requested information, and we will be in touch shortly.

1. Complete the travel agency partner application below so we can learn more about your company and the type of travel service you provide.

2. Please be sure to indicate how you found us . If you found us at an industry tradeshow, please indicate which one.

3. If you need an urgent passenger quote, describe the travel package or itinerary & preferences, and we’ll respond with an initial price quote within 24 hours (48 hours for larger groups).

Once we receive your application, our Sales Team will reach out to schedule call to get to know each other, and explore partnership opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in ID MEMORY TRAVEL and receptive tour operator services region. We look forward to being your travel partner in and beyond Europa.

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