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For people who want have an unforgettable time on their vacation, there can be no better way to experience Greece than a Jeep Safari Tour! It is available for small families, as well as small groups of 10 or more.


You can either opt to rough it out with the maps and guidelines provided to you, or opt for a local guide, who can guide you to many interesting places and also give you a lot of needed information.

Most of these jeep holidays last from 5 to 8 days, and can be modified to suit your needs. The tours usually allow a total of 16 people maximum in a group.

Our team of experienced travel specialists can organize your unforgettable vacation in Greece!

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Karpenisi, Central Greece, is one of the jeep safari destinations. Arriving in the quaint mountain town of Karpenisi, you will begin traveling up breathtaking and lush green mountains and will reach up to 2,000 meters high, the winding mountain roads are guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience.

From there you can reach Meteora and Meteora Rocks where trekking can be arranged for you, an opportunity to explore the mountains and visit some serene and quiet monasteries literally hanging on the rocks!

East Macedonia
Another trip which is quite popular with tourists, especially those who love exploring natural sites is the jeep safari to East Macedonia. The trip begins at Thessaloniki city and from there you travel by jeep to the most beautiful villages of Northern Greece. On route you will see many rare species of birds, which live around the Kerkini Lake.

Rafting in beautiful rivers, such as Aggitis River or even caves, such as the Maara’s river cave may be also included in your jeep safari tour. Driving through the protected forest of Fraktos and the Virgin Forest, declared as preserved natural monuments, are a perfect finish of your tour.

A place worth visiting is the beautiful lake Dasiou, located west of the plateau of Ziria at an altitude of 1,600 meters and is one of the mountainous lakes in Greece.

The lake is relatively small but beautiful and is surrounded by trees and wildflowers. In the middle of a small island formed. Lake Dasiou an ideal place to go hiking and mountain biking and in this live many rare species of the animal kingdom and is also protected by the network Natura 2000.


At ID MEMORY TRAVEL SRL we strongly believe in the necessity of experiencing a rich and nourishing Greek traditional breakfast as part of the overall authentic culinary experience while holidaying in Greece.

Trikala Corinth does not only constitute a heavenly destination for a romantic holiday for two. It has plenty to offer to a family who selects it for its beautiful nature its delicious gastronomy appreciated by people of all ages.

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    A place worth visiting is the beautiful lake Dasiou, located west of the plateau of Ziria at an altitude of 1,600 meters and is one of the mountainous lakes in Greece

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