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Dobrogea / Danube Delta & Black Sea

The mighty Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea.
Just before reaching the sea, the Danube becomes a 2,200 square miles area of rivers, canals, marshes,
tree-fringed lakes and reed islands which are home to 3,450 animal and 1,700 plant species.
The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has the third largest biodiversity in the world (over 5,500 flora and fauna species), exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador.
Here are Danube Delta cruises we are offering to group or independent travelers:

East and northeast:
Bucovina and Moldova

Nestled in the northeastern part of Romania, the region of Bucovina is home to some of the world’s greatest Byzantine art treasures, the “Painted Monasteries”. Theese richly decorated houses of worship, built in the 15th Century, feature colorful exterior frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes, are unique in the world.

Maramures countryside narrow-gauge train day-trip,
guaranteed departure tour starting in Baia Mare

This Maramures day-excursion offers time-starved visitors a glimpse of Maramures – one of Romania’s most authentic rural areas. Maramures – a small historic region located in the northwestern part of the country – is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Vampire in Transylvania Dracula tour– Awarded Dracula

The summer editions include the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, performed as seen on Travel Channel. Visit the most beautiful Transylvanian castles while the beauty of the mountains will unfold before your eyes.

Sinaia Introduction Walk (Self Guided), Sinaia

Sinaia is a wonderful city and resort, located at the base of Bucegi mountain. The city is renowned for its beautiful Romanian architecture which nearly provides as gorgeous a landscape as the backdrop. Here, you will find a vast number of buildings that are known by individuals worldwide, as well as visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Best Things To Do In The Ardeal Region
Turda Salt Mine

It says salt mine, but this place is entirely unexpected. A whole world underground, looking like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Business Insider put it in a top of ‘coolest underground places.’ Well worth the visit!


Welcome to Romania

Nature & Wildlife

The Carpathian Mountains draw a wide arc through the centre of the country, leaving a swath of exposed rocky peaks surrounded by groves of pine and deciduous trees, and stretches of bright green meadow below. The harsh geography has limited human habitation, and the woods are filled with deer, elk and bear. Europe’s second-longest river, the Danube, marks Romania’s southern border with Bulgaria before turning suddenly northward and emptying into the Black Sea. The delta provides sanctuary for 300 species of bird and 160 species of fish. The sprawling marshes account for the largest expanse of reed beds in the world.

Castles & Medieval Towns

Transylvania, the land that gave us Dracula, has no shortage of jaw-dropping castles pitched precariously on rocky hilltops. There’s spooky Bran Castle, of course, with its spurious connection to Bram Stoker’s fictional count, but don’t overlook beauties such as Hunedoara’s 14th-century Corvin Castle or King Carol I’s sumptuous 19th-century pile, Peleş Castle. In medieval towns like Braşov, Sighişoara and Sibiu, cobbled walkways support chic streetside cafes, while a cacophony of sounds emanating from student bars and clubs echo off the Gothic and baroque facades in lively Cluj-Napoca. Transylvania’s Saxon villages boast fortified churches that date back half a millennium.

Folk Culture

For centuries, a highly productive peasant culture thrived in much of Romania. The hilly geography and lack of passable roads necessitated the emergence of hundreds of self-sufficient villages, where old-school crafts such as bread-making, pottery, tanning and weaving were honed to an art. Folk museums, particularly the open-air skansens and village museums, are a must. Many isolated hamlets, where the old folkways are still practised, are museums in themselves. This is most evident in Maramureş, where oversized hay racks, horse carts and stately wooden churches dominate, and towns and villages have seemingly stepped out of the Middle Ages.

Outdoor Activities

The rocky peaks of Transylvania and Moldavia, snow-capped from mid-October in some years, call out for conquering, and well-marked trails lead to summits from all directions. There are less adventurous but no less rewarding walks through woods, meadows and villages in other parts of the country. The Danube Delta is a vast and unique protected wetland and makes a perfect backdrop for fishing, boating and, especially, birdwatching in spring. In summer, from mid-June to early September, the action moves to the Black Sea coast. Beach resorts fill up with swimmers, divers, sunbathers and partiers, who come for the all-night, open-air clubbing marathons.

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