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Dry Mountain-Drymonas


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 days
Maximum number of people: 36
Location: Hellas


  • Dense forests with plane trees, firs, oaks and olive groves that reach the sea, noisy rivers, medieval towers, stone bridges and impressive waterfalls…
  • This is North Evia! Starting from Lake Evia, we will discover its hidden charm, walking the verdant path that leads to the Waterfalls of Drymonas and riding on forest routes or by the sea…
  • The truth is that I have a particular weakness for her and not unjustly… Northern Evia is a blessed place, flooded by forests to the highest mountain peak with all kinds of trees, noisy rivers, idyllic waterfalls, but also beaches with emerald rainy waters, both in as well as the unruly Aegean…
  • Each season gives its own magic to this generously gifted place, which is an ideal destination for a quiet and refreshing weekend near nature, as it is located relatively close to Athens.
  • To get to know her so many beauties we will need to dedicate time to her, as there are many routes we can take to unleash her special charm…
  • For our stay we can choose the hospitable and beautiful guesthouses that we will find in Rovies and Lake Evia, where we will take our walks by the waves and enjoy traditional flavors or fresh seafood, overlooking the sea…

Tour’s Location

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Tour's Program

07:30: Departure from the metro station ST.ELLINIKO & ST.ELAIONAS
09:30: Short stop for coffee and supplies
11:50: Departure from B. Evia for Drymonas
12:30: Start of hiking
15:30: Estimated arrival time at Drymonas Waterfalls
19:30: meeting on the bus for departure to Athens
22: 00+: arrival in Athensy
Route Type Forward - Back
Route length 6 km.
Total course duration 4 hours
Level of Difficulty 1 for hikers
Height Dif. (Y.D.) + 400m., -400m.
Course Leader: Tzanetos Katsafados
Hiking leader: Tzanetos Katsafados
Accompanying: Iosif Dudunan
*mental and physical health
*age over 12 years


Shoes are perfect for walking in extra shoes and they also hang on the ankle
Isothermal (upper & extra)
2 pairs of socks
Put on shoes (for after the gorge)
Dry snoring for the time being
The discount is valid only for electronic participation statement with simultaneous cost filing. As long as there are available seats, the discount will be valid until Wednesday, the week before the trip. The discount does not apply from Thursday. Payment must be made within 2 days of registration, do not leave for the last few days, your position will not be reserved. To avoid misunderstandings and confusions, please follow the procedure above and even if you have not paid to notify us of the cancellation, as there are often no name deposits and we cannot guess whether you will come or not. Adherence to the above procedure helps in proper operation. Bus payments are only accepted to Travelers who have been following our excursions systematically for over 3 years. (VAT is included in the price 24%)


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